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    We are an attorney-assisted, paralegal service in Sherman Oaks and Van Nuys.  Unlike an ordinary paralegal service or a legal document assistant, an attorney-assisted paralegal service can provide you with legal advice.  Because we have attorneys in the office everyday, we will provide you with the best possible option for your specific legal situation.  Because we are a paralegal service/document preparation company, we can prepare, complete and file over two hundred different documents for thousands less than it would cost to retain an attorney.  So you get the benefit of attorney advice without the high costs!

    Here is a price list for some of our more popular services:


    • Uncontested Dissolution (no children and no property) - $350
    • Uncontested Dissolution (either children or property) – $400
    • Uncontested Dissolution (children and property) – $450
    • Divorce troubleshooting and completion – $275
    • Marital Settlement Agreement or Stipulated Judgment – $350 (without dissolution services)
    • Stipulation for Modification of Dissolution Judgment – $250
    • Petition for child custody/visitation and/or child/spousal support – $400
    • Petition to Establish Paternity (Parental Relationship) – $400
    • OSC with the Petition for Dissolution requesting Custody, Child Support, Spousal Support, Visitation or Paternity - additional $200 (with dissolution services)

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