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Real Estate Services

If you are involved in rental property, as an individual owner, or a property manager, our real estate services can be a big asset. There are a great quantity of necessary binding documents needed to handle daily tasks that will have to be drafted.

As for example, you will need leases or rental agreements drawn up for every present and future tenant.

The real estate services of EASY SOLUTIONS PARALEGAL will make certain you, as the owner (landlord), will be protected by the drafting of those documents.

Perhaps you have already been using a particular lease, but have become wary of whether or not it is benefiting you financially. We will review that document to assess

the protective capabilities of your financial and property interests.

If you are considering lending money to an individual or a business, you will need the protection of documents (such as promissory notes) that will make sure you’re money is returned to you. We offer a vast array of documents that will help you arrange that.

Perhaps you have entered a judgement in a civil case, and now need a lien placed on the debtor’s property. We will assist you and make sure your judgement will be enforced so you won’t be left holding the bag. We’ll consult with you to decide the most cost-efficient options you have.

Our experience also extends to drafting California quick claim deeds, grant deeds, and we can even prepare homesteads to protect your real estate.

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