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What if you became incapacitated and couldn’t work? What if you unexpectedly passed away? What would become of your children?

Depressing thoughts, yes. But…they must be faced. Proactive estate planning is what you need to do.

EASY SOLUTIONS PARALEGAL provides you with the skill of our estate planning attorneys Los Angeles to help you sort out the legion of options available, to give you peace of mind for that possible inevitability.

Our estate planning and trust service will heartily assist you in the preparation of your will and basic trust. These are the two key estate planning documents needed to insure your personal belongings will go to your family, and/or charity of your choice.

They also will allow you to appoint guardians for your children until they reach adulthood. If your child, or any relative, has special needs, we can make sure their inheritance will not interfere with receiving their government benefits, by drafting a “Special Needs Trust”.

Our estate planning attorneys Los Angeles will see to it that a financial power of attorney is properly drafted according to the legal requirements of the court, so that your loved ones can make important financial decisions (banking transactions, sale of property, etc.) on your behalf if you become incapable of doing so.

But what about your medical care? What if you are unable to consent to medical procedures, or would like to get a second opinion?

There is such a thing as a medical power of attorney. EASY SOLUTIONS PARALEGAL

can make certain you attain one. This is especially important if your desire is to include a “Do Not Resuscitate” clause, if the situation becomes dire enough.

Consider the emotional pressure and responsibility that would be removed from your loved one’s shoulders.

We understand the emotional toll that can be taken in catastrophic situations like these. Let us help you be prepared for what could happen in the future by attending to the legal necessities that will provide your family with the comforting confidence to make decisions.

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