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Criminal Expungement

Did you do something stupid in your past resulting in a misdemeanor, and now it still haunts you to this day? The California Expungement Law allows for many a remedy to help people get a fresh, clean start to their lives.

Even if you’ve done your penance for that disorderly conduct or DUI, a misdemeanor will stay on your record forever! This will cause a lot of grief throughout your life seeking jobs, or even relationships.

EASY SOLUTIONS PARALEGAL can help with expungement of criminal records.

Once we obtain a California expungement for you, a court order will be administered that completely dismisses your case as if it never happened. No longer will you be weighed down by a conviction.

However, there is a multitude of paperwork required by the court that can be confusing. Retaining a lawyer is expensive. We have had tremendous success in expunging our clients’ criminal records. We are knowledgeable about all of the legal forms necessary, and will make sure they are filled out with the proper information for the court to accept.

We can also help you answer the questions you will be asked in court, although, in some cases, no court appearance is necessary. If you have a misdemeanor, or a felony that could be reduced to a misdemeanor, let us help you clear your name.

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