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Breach of Contract Action

Breach of contract laws…that is something everyone needs help with. Why? People enter into contracts with others everyday, either as a business owner, or as an individual…even if it’s as mundane as hiring someone to paint your walls, or replace the patio tile.

Naturally, everyone expects everything to be done to their satisfaction, and in good time. Sadly, that’s not always the case.

EASY SOLUTIONS PARALEGAL has a very successful history of helping our clients win their breach of contracts California legal cases in small claims court, or as a civil action in Superior Court.

We assist you from the very beginning that starts with drafting and sending a demand letter to the opposing party, asking them to do the job they were hired for, or return the money you paid them. If there has been no response after a 10-day period, we then draft and file a breach of employment contract action.

In addition, we can and will respond to all types of draft discovery that will help you in your litigation pursuit. We have prodigious experience and knowledge in drafting litigation motions of all types…motions to compel discovery…a motion to set aside a default, or default judgement…opposition motions to demurrer or to strike.

Also, we are more than willing to assist a Plaintiff or a Defendant to sue or defend a breach of employment contract, without incurring the high cost of a lawyer.

We will provide a consultation with the client to discuss your legal causes of action, potential defenses, review your court papers, and make sure you file the proper court forms with the proper court.

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