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    Have you ever thought about how many different types of court cases there are…and the amount of forms needed for each?  It’s mind-boggling!

    Bankruptcy; evictions; Petition for Custody, dissolutions; property deeds…it goes on and on.  The problem is, when you request legal form packages from the court, they send you a mountain of forms advising: “may not need all documents in package”!


    When you contact EASY SOLUTIONS PARALEGAL for help, we will provide you with

    only the correct legal forms needed for your specific legal concern.

    In so doing, it will save you time in trying to guess which is the right form for you, and avoid the stress and frustration of filing delays, and/or costly mistakes resulting from the court rejecting any incorrect filing on your part.


    But, we go even further in offering our assistance.  If you still need more advice in filling out the forms, we’ll consult with you…and, after completion of your document ,

    we can have  one of our attorneys review it and advise possible changes.


    Then again, even after purchasing our legal forms package, you would prefer us to complete them for you, we are fully prepared and happy to do it.

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