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  • Probate Proceedings


    EASY SOLUTIONS PARALEGAL deals with small estate probity, which is benefited by the application of informal proceedings.  This means that the more costly court probate proceedings aren’t required.


    Our probate attorneys California will help you in filling out the proper probate forms, and guide you through the entire process.


    It starts with the representative filing a death certificate, along with the will, and a petition to admit the will under informal probate.  We assist you in this process, making sure all probate forms and information are properly completed so the clerk can review the submission, and recommend the court to probate.


    After that, we will assist you in filing a series of forms.  One form will prove that notice was given to all of the interested parties letting them know about the probate…

    another form shows that the decedent’s creditors have been paid…and, still another

    shows that the estate’s assets have been collected, appraised, and distributed to the designated heirs.


    Yes, there is a lot involved.  Let our probate attorneys California help take the stress and confusion off your shoulders.


    If you have already attended to your probate matter, but feel you’d like to have some assistance in finalizing the process…EASY SOLUTIONS PARALEGAL will be more than happy to assist you with that also.

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